terms and condition

. Products

1.1. Products from the brand Isabelle Dupont Paris.

1.2. All the Products on sale are illustrated in detail on the Website's homepage, in their respective sections, which are classified by Product category.

1.3. The visual display of Products on the Site, where available, has an approximate value only, and it is usually in the form of a photo image of the Products themselves, with the sole purpose to present them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment by zergent llc regarding the exact match of the image depicted on the Website with the actual Product; this specifically refers to the actual dimensions and/or colours of the Products and/or the packages.

1.4. In case of a difference between the image and the written product specifications, the latter will always prevail.


Purchasing procedure

2 The Client may purchase the Products in Isabelle Dupont e-Catalogue, which are illustrated in detail on the Website in the corresponding product category sections, as described in the relative product specifications posted on the Website, complying with the technical access procedures explained herein.

2.2. In order to purchase the Products, the Client will have to register themselves on the Website by entering their personal information, according to the instructions of the registration program, as well as to fill out and send to Zergent LLC the order form in electronic format available on the Website, following the instructions provided on said form. The purchase orders must be duly filled out in all their parts. In case the Client does not wish to register on the Website, they will be able to make the purchase anyway; however, in that case the Client will not be able to check the order status or take advantage of discounts and promotions.

2.3. The Client will have to add the selected Products to the “Shopping Cart” and, after choosing the courier, seeing and accepting the amount of the delivery charges, will be able to proceed with the purchase.

2.4. Should the Client need to change the purchase order or certain data contained in it, they will have to follow the special procedure explained on the Website. Specifically, the Client will be entitled to change the quantity of the Products being purchased, adding or eliminating one or more Products from the Shopping Cart.

2.5. Once this operation is finished, the Client will see a screen appear containing a summary of the purchase order, inclusive of the shipping charges, and will be asked to confirm once again the purchase procedure.

2.6. After viewing the order summary, the Client will have to select the type of payment desired, in other WORDS credit card or PayPal, or, when available, by Gift Card, and then send the order by clicking on the special button.


3. Contract conclusion

3.1 The publication of Products on the Site constitutes an invitation to the Client to formulate a contractual a purchase offer. An order sent by a Client has contractual value and implies complete awareness and acceptance of these General Terms.

3.2. Each Purchase Agreement stipulated between zergent llc and the Client shall be executed with the sending of the acceptance of the order by sergeant llc at the e-mail address of the Client. This confirmation message will indicate an "Order Number," to be used in all subsequent communications with sergeant llc. The message will reiterate, in addition to the information required by law, all the data entered by the Client, who agrees to verify its accuracy and immediately give notice of any corrections. Any extra costs incurred due to incorrect information which was not promptly reported will be the Client's exclusive responsibility.

3.3. The Clients may view all their orders on the Website in their reserved area, or by contacting the isabelle dupont paris Customer Service, immediately after sending the orders.

3.4. Occasionally, some Products offered may not be available and, in that case, if the products selected by the Client are not available, either in full or in part, the order will be sent with the available products after having notified the Client about the unavailable products.

3.5. zergent llc shall be free to accept or refuse, the order sent by Client at its own discretion, without the Client being able to lay claims or rights of any sort, in any capacity, even compensatory, in the event of non-acceptance of the order.

3.6. In particular, Zergent llc reserves itself the right to not accept purchase offers and cancel orders that do not give adequate assurance of solvency or if – even after checking with the network that manages credit card payments – anomalies are found in the transactions and in the payment methods used by the Client.

4.. Product non-compliance and defective products

4.2. Products offered on the Website . The images and colours of the Products published on the Website may differ from their actual images and colours due to the display settings of the local computer systems and/or devices used to display them.

5. Processing of Personal Data

Isabelledupontparis.com processes Client-related information in accordance with the provisions of existing laws on the subject of personal data protection, as specified in the notice in the specific section entitled "Privacy Notice."

6. Communications and claims

All communications or claims from Clients to Zergent llc pertaining to Purchase Agreements must be communicated using the specific contact forms found in the Reserved Area.